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We are an all-breed cat club located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our membership is varied with breeders of Scottish Folds, Norwegian Forest Cats, Persians and Himalayans. We also have a contingency of Associate Members which bring additional breeds to our club. Our goal as a club is to promote the health and well-being of our cats and we annually sponsor the largest CFA show held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Be sure to check out the photos of some of our past shows on the Photos page.

On our Members page you will find an e-mail link for each member should you wish to contact us, and for those breeders that have websites, you can also visit their cattery websites by clicking on the VISIT THE CATTERY links.

Get the latest club news by visiting the News page, where you will find everything from current club information to show brags. From the Links page you can visit other cat related websites. Take your time, browse around, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments through the E-Mail link.

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